General Resources

Just starting out? Check out the many programs and free resources available to you as an AIA member in the ‘New in Practice’ section by clicking here. Are you a seasoned practitioner? Keep up with managing new risks successfully in the section for Established Architects.

Be sure to visit the AIA Trust Practice Resources section for AIA members to find helpful information to stay on top of your risks.

Find out how to handle risks for your firm with these vital risk mitigation techniques – critical to your profitability and viability.

Are you and your firm prepared for the future? Find out what you should be doing now to prepare: review the page filled with ownership transition resources here.

Staying on top of emerging risks can be a challenge! The AIA Trust identifies and shares with you these risks – with tips to avoid or manage them. Two ways to help you manage your risks: articles on emerging risk topics in our quarterly newsletter and our ever-expanding library of white papers and articles. Recent white papers address topics such as: virtual practice, risks of designing breweries and marijuana facilities, BIM risk transfer, new risks with condominiums, and more! Check out the ever-expanding Risk Management Library to find what you need.

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Contractor Termination Lawsuits: The Architect’s Risks and How to Manage Them helps you to identify the parties that sue architects and how to lessen risk, avoid liability and limit your exposure.

If you are confronting challenges that arise when dealing with ADA/FHA regulations, starting a virtual practice, BIM, condo associations, contract administration, design/build teams or others – then read the latest white papers from experts to find out how to navigate your risks. Or, if you don’t have the time, review the synopses first to find out important facts – and consult the white papers for more details as needed.

Check out the growing library of white papers about evolving risks to find out what you need to do to avoid - or manage – them. Many include handy tools such as checklists and self-assessment tests you can take for learning unit credit. New papers are published throughout the year so check back often!

Read succinct summaries of emerging risks—with concise how-to’s for you & your firm to address risks successfully and achieve desired results.

Tools for Members Practices

If you could use some guidance on selecting or renewing your professional liability insurance – you’ve come to the right place. The AIA Trust Professional Liability Insurer Database lists more than 40 top insurers – with important data about each – to enable you to print out comparison reports, search for specific criteria to meet your firm’s needs, and find in-depth articles to help you make the right decisions. Click here to read about trends & tips about this important insurance.

If you could use guidance about coverage and pricing differences between various professional liability insurance policy forms and what one should look for when buying a policy, read this comparison guide – then search the AIA Trust Professional Liability Insurer Database, listing more than 40 top insurers with important data about each.

AIA members and their firms can now find qualified A/E Construction Lawyers to help when it’s needed most—in handling a pending claim or another A/E legal matter – simply visit the new AIA Trust Legal Network. Check out the tips for working with attorneys, too.

The AIA Trust has assembled healthcare coverage resources to help answer your questions, including fact sheets about grandfathered plans, Health Savings Accounts, and employee architect options. The AIA Trust will continue to update and add resources and programs as the legislative landscape changes.

Webinars about Practice

The AIA Trust develops webinars to assist you in your practice on topics such as cyber-risk, copyright law, employment practices, small project exposures, retirement planning, and more. Many offer learning unit credits, HSW credit, or other special incentives. In addition, you may complete AIA Trust self-assessment tests for learning unit credits.

Starting your own firm is a challenge; structuring it to survive is a formidable task. If you missed the webinar, you can still listen to our free webinar on Creating and Maintaining a Professional Practice, review the manual provided, and earn 2 HSW learning unit credits by self-reporting through AIA Trust offices. See details on this page.