Larry E. Benton  is the founding principal in the firm which has been serving Idaho associations, business interests and medical care providers since 1985.  I am a University of Montana business school alum with post-graduate training in hospital administration from the University of Minnesota. I served as a hospital CEO and management consultant to various hospital groups and physician provider organizations in Montana, Washington and Idaho from 1965 until 1985.  During that time period. My political background developed early with service on health care political committees and legislative issue groups, working on national political campaigns and managing statewide office and district campaigns. In 1985, I began serving Idaho organizations as a political consultant and lobbyist to the Idaho legislature. In total, I have a total of nearly 40 years of full or part-time experience in the political arena.

Kris Ellis is a graduate of the University of Nevada – Reno. She joined the firm early in 2003 and has recently been named a principal. She is a former Idaho State Legislator, serving in the House of Representatives from the Coeur d’Alene area in 2001 – 2002. She has been politically active in her home region for several years and served this past year as a consultant and lobbyist to several of the firm’s clients.​

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IBCA 2012 Int Residential Code Questions

2012 AIA Grassroots Conference Group
Left to right: Past-Pres Ken Gallegos, 2012 Pres-Elect Kyle Hamilton, Central Section Sec-Treasurer John Day, Idaho Senator Jim Risch, Eastern Section Vice-Pres James Wyatt, AIA Idaho Exec Dir Connie Searles, Central Section Vice Pres Wayne Thowless

On this page our members will find information on issues being followed in the Idaho legislature on their behalf.  In order to assist our members in articulating their position, AIA Idaho has retained the lobbying firm of L.E. Benton and Associates. 

For your information, following is a brief bio on the Benton and Associates, L.L.C. principals.​

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